Terms and Conditions

1. Stay

In principle tenant available throughout the house , with the exception of the three - sided basement room , where goods are stored by the owner. Also few bureau drawers closed .

Landlord and nurturing parties can not be held liable for:

- Loss or damage to goods of a guest or a visitor , whether such damages caused by fire, flood , burglary or theft , or due to negligence or improper conduct by employees or suppliers in the house.

 - Personal injury of any kind incurred by a tenant or a visitor , whether such injury caused by culpable or improper actions by visitor acting on behalf of the lessor , any other person or  preparations, structures or facilities in the leased property.

The rental property incl. the furniture and the other contents are to be treated with care. The tenant is held responsible for the actions of other people within the house. The tenant is liable for all damaged goods,

damage to the property or anything else related to the property, whether caused by themselves or their accompanying guests.

(2) Faults that are found before or during the rental period are to be reported to the advertiser immediately.

 The signing of this lease shall indemnify the landlord for liabilities as mentioned above, with respect to any other person belonging to the company of the tenant , and with regard to guests of the tenant .

By signing the lease the tenant declares to be authorized to act on behalf of his company and to be personally liable for any claim arising from the use of the house by the tenant and his companions .

 1. Safety

Tenant shall be deemed absence to do the outside doors locked and the alarm

activates . If erroneously of an alarm can be logged on 0800037911 .

Electronic lockers are provided in all bedrooms.


 2. Payment

After receival of the damage deposit of € 500 or ZAR 8000 together with 50% of the rental prize into the bank account the final reservation will be confirmed .. The remaining balance is to be paid into the same account at least 2 weeks before the rental period begins.

If the duration between the date of signing the contract and the start date of the rental period is less than 14 days, then the total amount is payable Immediately into the above account.

The deposit  be Transferred back within 2 weeks once utilities have been


If the tenant is more than 14 days late in paying, then the advertiser is Entitled to terminate the contract

Immediately and without notice and let the property to someone else.

If the tenant is more than 14 days late in paying, then the advertiser is Entitled to terminate the contract

Immediately and without notice and let the property to someone else.


3. Capacity and age

Overnight in the house is exclusively granted to the persons indicated in the boo-king. The house itself nor the immediate surroundings are suitable for children under the age of 15 years.

 4. Changes

If interim changes to the package agreed, for instance with regard to rental, car hire or number of guests, it should be recorded in writing and before that, in addition to the normal rental costs, an amending-rings-fee of € 50 will be charged .


5. Cancellation by the tenant

If canceled up to one month before arrival 50% of rent due; cancellation within a month before arrival, the full rent due. No show

Or early departure will be charged as normal booking.


Termination is only accepted in writing. The date applicable is the day the document is received by the


If the tenant terminates their stay early, they are still responsible to pay the full rental price.


 6. Cancellation by owner

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, the house should not be available, which will be reported as soon as possible to the tenant. In that case, will be offered an alternative, as equal as possible in the immediate surroundings. If that is not possible if the tenant is not accepted, the reservation expires and is fully refundable paid, but owner can not be held liable for further lost in the travel program of the lessee.


7. Term

The lease is for a number of consecutive periods of a week, with a minimum of two weeks between mid-December and mid-January and one week in the rest of the year. Depending on availability, the rent can start every day of the week.


8. Arrival - and departure

The tenant's arrival is expected after 14:00 and departure before 11:00 am, in far-band cleaning. If the house is free, may be deviated in concert. Tenant is requested immediately after landing in Cape Town, or else the day before on-coming and the day prior to departure by contacting the home care

 9. Complaints

If tenants have problems during the stay, which are not adequately addressed by any of the helplines, you can contact us by e-mail : [email protected]


10. Conduct in house

 House rules: the tenant Agrees to follow the house rules.

 The house is furnished as a private residence, with a host of fragile furniture and art. Hirer shall, on behalf of his company, due diligence responsible for the condition of the leased property. Also, the use of the shading devices for the protection of the upholstery against the bright sunlight belongs to this end. Smoking in the bedrooms is not allowed. In principle, a residence for children is allowed under 15 years.

 11. Conduct outdoors

The immediate surroundings of the house consists of fynbos, part of the protected nature reserve Plate. The fynbos is fragile and differ from existing footpaths brings damage. Wildlife picking fynbos is prohibited by law, but in the near       environment are some well-stocked nurseries.

The drive in the reserve Plate is not allowed,

To fish, you must purchase a license for the post office in Gansbaai.



Any disputes shall be submitted in connection with the lease of a Belgian court.


Tenant declares to have taken note of these terms and conditions and to thereby accept.